"Popina and Slumberina is a work of fiction in the picture book, social issues, and childcare subgenres. It is intended for bedtime reading for youngsters. Penned by author Irit Tal with illustrations by artist Anat Davis, this delightful picture book takes young readers on a magical journey of growth and self-discovery. Princess Popina, attached to her beloved blanket Slumberina, faces the challenge of letting go as she starts preschool. The story beautifully captures the universal experience of children transitioning from the comfort of home to new and sometimes intimidating environments. With humor and warmth, the rhyming narrative, accompanied by charming illustrations, portrays Popina's adventure in finding the courage to navigate new friendships and activities without her cherished blanket.

Author Irit Tal and artist Anat Davis have lovingly crafted a fantastic little adventure book that entertains its readers but also has a valuable lesson about letting go of security objects and embracing new experiences. The tenderly penned narrative of Popina working through her fears and anxieties is complemented by some adorable illustrations, offering an engaging and relatable experience for young readers. I especially enjoyed the implications of how our emotions can get the better of us and that it’s normal to feel scared sometimes by new things.

The inclusion of the 'Note for Parents' by a psychologist and analytical psychotherapist adds an extra layer of insight for caregivers that is informative and well-arranged.

 Overall, I’d certainly recommend Popina and Slumberina as a delightful book that encourages children to explore beyond their comfort zones, making it an enjoyable and educational addition to children's literature." K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite


"Oh, what a joyous day it was in the kingdom of Nimbasoy. King Popee and Queen Mina were marking the arrival of their sweet baby, Princess Popina, with a huge celebration. Unicorns, clothes-wearing rabbits, Snow White and the seven dwarves, a giant, an elf, a dragon, and many more guests attended the festivities to meet the new addition to the royal family and to bring thoughtful gifts. Popina received many unusual presents you would not typically see at a baby's party, such as snail shells and honey. And one magical gift that would only been feasible in a magical realm. Through the beautifully drawn illustrations, it was apparent Popina adored every gift; however, her favorite present was the lime green baby blanket.

Many parents can empathize with a child's attachment to a single object: a binkie, stuffed animal, or blanket. As you share this story with your children, I wouldn't be surprised if they mention their favorite item to play with or carry around. They'll probably have it close at hand.

Popina's blanket was special to her; she even named it Slumberina. To her, the blanket possessed magical powers. It offered comfort and happiness and was, in her opinion, her best friend. As Popina grew older, she faced a hard decision. She discovered that taking her friend to school with her was not in its best interest, but Popina didn't want to be separated from the blankie either. The princess had to decide what was more important to her: her friend's safety or her own happiness. Popina realized she could help her friend without minimizing her own happiness.

Separation anxiety from a person or object can be difficult for kids. I encourage you to share the book with your child and let them see how Popina discovers her inner strength!  …" – Kameron Brook, Reedsy

“Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a kingdom.” The beginnings of the best stories start in a similar fashion, and Popina and Slumberina by Irit Tal is no different. Popina is a princess in the kingdom of Nimbasoy. When she was born, she received many lovely presents, one of which was a snuggly blanket, which she named Slumberina. Popina always took Slumberina everywhere. As she got older, her parents announced that she was to start preschool. Popina is nervous about the change and wonders how it will affect her time with Slumberina. Find out what happens to Popina and Slumberina in this lovely children’s book.

Popina and Slumberinaby Irit Tal is a delightful children’s book. Tal uses rhymes to tell the story, which makes for easy and rhythmic reading. I liked that the words on each page were short and did not contain too much information, which is perfect for holding the attention of a child. The illustrations done by Anat Davis are eye-catching and show the little princess’s world. I liked the details about the kingdom and people of Nimbasoy. But most of all, I liked the important message this book conveys which will serve as a lesson for children as they see how Princess Popina learns to navigate her world, especially in a new environment. I also liked the affirmations that Popina told herself.

Popina and Slumberina is a great book for young readers, their parents, and their guardians." Chinazo Anozie, Readers’ Favorite